Whatcha Drinking? Episode 14

Mike and Nick are together again. O’Boyle was feeling a little bit under the weather. He eventually joined us in the end to say hi and give his Stout Day contributions. We had beers from Chicago’s Spiteful Brewing and Half Acre.

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2 thoughts on “Whatcha Drinking? Episode 14

  1. Dan Berger says:

    Hey Guys,

    Dan Berger here in Libertyville (just East of Mundelein/Tighthead). Thought I’d pop over and leave a comment after talking to Mike at Half Acre a couple of weeks back for the Grainger thing.

    Just so you know, The Union Pacific North Metra line will get you far enough north, but far to the East of Tighthead. You’ll end up in Lake Bluff instead, which actually hosts another microbrewery about two blocks from the Lake Bluff Metra Station called (shockingly) Lake Bluff Brewing Company (http://www.lbbrew.com/). I’ve not had much from Lake Bluff Brewing, and not for a long time, but I hear good things about some of their beers from time to time.

    Tighthead is located in the Metra parking lot of the Mundelein station, located on Metra’s North Central Service line. They have a couple of “safe beers” in their blonde ale and red ale, but they have some snazier, more hoppy beers too, especially their Irie IPA and Chilly Water American Pale Ale. Their Barrel Aged Old Kaya Dog Barleywine is also pretty excellent when you can get it.

    Speaking of Tighthead, the brewery is co-hosting the Mundelein Craft Beer Festival coming up on June 8 (http://www.tightheadbrewing.com/mundelein-craft-beer-festival/). There are some interesting Illinois breweries involved from less immediately accessible places, like Rockford and Normal, that may be worth checking out. A list of breweries confirmed for the event appears at the link.



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